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Interview with Brandon Krieg of Stash Invest

Interview with Brandon Krieg of Stash Invest. Photo by Volkan Olmez on Unsplash.
Written by Zack Miller

Zack Miller talks to Brandon Krieg of Stash Invest about product development, customer service, and investments and savings.

Brandon Krieg of Stash InvestStash Invest is a quickly growing popular consumer app helping individuals get serious about saving and investing again. But working directly with consumers – impacting their lives through investing – is a new transition for the firm’s cofounder and CEO, Brandon Krieg.

Brandon began his financial career in algorithmic trading, aiming to disrupt the way institutions traded equities, and when you hear him talk about Stash’s customers, the excitement is palpable.

Brandon discusses his approach to product development and how his team determines what products and functionality to launch. On Stash Invest’s path to a million accounts, Brandon has had to scale everything, especially customer service. We talk about that, and why 86% of his customers are first-time investors.

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Brandon Krieg
Brandon Krieg
Stash Invest

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Zack Miller is founder of Tearsheet (formerly Tradestreaming), a vertical media company focused on the digital finance and fintech industries. Zack has worked with and consulted to many top venture-backed fintech companies, including Lending Club, Behalf, SigFig, OurCrowd and Seeking Alpha.

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