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In the financial marketplace, momentum matters (interview with Melissa Smith)

In the financial marketplace, momentum matters. Image by phipatbig,
Written by Zack Miller

Zack Miller interviews Melissa Smith from Wex, who talks about trends in payments, fintech and meeting the needs of global customers.

Through her 20 years at payments firm Wex, Melissa Smith has worn a variety of hats. Her current hat is that of CEO of the company, which does about a $1bn in revenue. She describes her role as coordinating the needs of her firm’s customers, employees and investors, whose needs don’t always fall in concert with one another.

Melissa Smith is our guest this week on the Tearsheet Podcast. We talk about a lot of what goes into running and growing a midsize fintech firm – this includes soft skills and technical skills. Wex is a 30-year-old vertical payments company that provides payment solutions in fleet, online travel and healthcare. We discuss how she sizes up new opportunities and determines whether to make a go/no-go decision to enter a new vertical.

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Melissa Smith

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