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ICO mania, the Equifax hack and the Apple iPhone

ICO mania, the Equifax hack and the Apple iPhone. Photo by Production Perig,
Written by Faisal Khan

Faisal Khan and Brian Roemmele on the news that Chinese regulators have announced a ban on initial coin offerings (ICOs), plus news about Equifax and Apple.

The duo is back! This week, Brian Roemmele and I are back together on the air after a brief break. We discuss the gold rush behind ICOs and the move by China to ban ICOs (or token sales), and what impact it will have on the ICO industry. Will it get worse before it gets better or will we see a strong regulation clampdown?

In other news, the recent breach at Equifax, of the three leading credit scoring agencies, where possibly millions of records on Americans consumers have been compromised. What does this mean? What effect can it have on the economy and the whole credit rating system itself? Will the playbook be rewritten?

Lastly, we discuss what will happen on 12 September when Apple possibly releases the new iPhone, being dubbed the iPhone X by Brian Roemmele.

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Faisal Khan specialises in cross-border money transfer and payment systems as a payments consultant and evangelist for digital money. He is a regular contributor to the Around the Coin podcast.

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