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Why people don’t trust credit unions with ugly websites

Mike Lawson talks to Derik Krauss about ugly websites and how credit unions can improve their first impression with good design.

Every industry has its share of amazing websites and every industry has its share of not-so-amazing websites. The credit union industry is no different. It has many, many intuitive, interactive and educational websites that display a progressive image to members and prospective members. Then there are still a few that appear to be lacking in those departments.

So we invited award-winning web firm BloomCU‘s Derik Krauss on the programme to share his recent CUinsight column, ‘Why People Don’t Trust Credit Unions with Ugly Websites‘. With today’s cybersecurity and fraud issues, this can be a real concern.

Derik explained how prevalent ‘ugly’ websites are in our industry, what credit unions can do about this issue, even if their resources are strained, how a fresh website can enhance their trustworthiness, and much, much more.

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 Derik Krauss

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Mike Lawson is host of an online video interview show focusing on innovators and success stories within the credit union industry. His background is in teaching, marketing and communications, and includes roles as editor and reporter.

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