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The open finance marketplace in action (six video interviews)

The open finance marketplace in action (six video interviews). Image by Tim Evseev,
Written by Chris Skinner

Chris Skinner shares six video interviews on the subject of the open marketplace of financial products and services.

I mentioned the Lego Bank not built by Lego recently. It’s all about the open marketplace of apps, APIs and analytics, and I said that the idea was illustrated well by firms such as Solaris, and Bud. Just to follow on from that, here’s a series of video interviews we recorded during the meetings about these services, starting with an introduction from Jason Bates of 11:FS and myself.

Bud provides a smorgasbord of consumer-finance-focused APIs for banks to enrich their apps. Here’s Ed Maslaveckas, CEO, outlining how it works:

Leveris helps banks migrate core systems by offering APIs that allow them to rip out and replace components of the bank’s offerings, piece by piece. Here’s CEO Conor Fennelly giving details of their services:

solarisBank from Germany offers a marketplace of APIs to banks, fintechs and merchants to get them rapidly started for offering fully featured financial services. Marko Wenthin, CEO and founder, talked with me about their ideas:

Saxo Bank (speaking at the Financial Services Club, London 12 October) are one of the few banks that have been working in an open marketplace for years. Heading up their OpenAPI services is Benny Johansen, who talks with me about their experiences:

Finally, one of the most innovative and exciting projects out there is ClearBank. Nick Ogden, CEO, tells me how it all happened:

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