Mike Lawson and Caroline Willard talk about the impact of Hurricane Harvey on the residents of Houston, and how credit unions supported relief.

Shaping up to being one of our nation’s worst natural disasters, Hurricane Harvey delivered a catastrophic blow to the Houston area. Caught up in the storm were credit unions hoping to survive, while still striving to serve their members in need. It’s safe to say that Harvey will not be forgotten, along with Sandy, Katrina, Andrew and Irma, of course.

On the frontline were the Cornerstone Credit Union League staff and its relatively new president and CEO, Caroline Willard, preparing, managing and assisting Houston area credit unions before, during and after this unprecedented event.

To get the inside story on what occurred, we invited Caroline to come on the show and share her stories of tremendous effort and support, displaying credit unions’ true spirit of coming together in this very difficult time.

Amazing stuff for sure. And don’t forget to keep giving to CUAid.coop. Thousands and thousands of folks affected by Harvey and Irma still need your help.

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 Caroline Willard

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