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Putting everyone’s money to work – Gemma Godfrey of Moola

Gemma Godfrey explains what her online investment service Moola does and how it works. Interview by Simon Taylor of 11:FS.

In this Fintech Insider interview from Money2020 Europe 2017, Simon Taylor asks Gemma Godfrey to share her thoughts about her appearance on Celebrity Apprentice with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and explain what her company Moola does. Interview by Simon Taylor of 11:FS.

Gemma is the founder and CEO of online investment service Moola, described in a Guardian interview as a “jargon-free, stripped down service to small investors. For financial advisers it takes away the regulatory and administrative burden of looking after smaller clients, making it more cost-effective.”

The interview is about “breaking down the barriers” that have traditionally been the mainstay of investment platforms, such as jargon and unnecessary forms, and automating procedures to make the whole process easy.

Essentially, help and guidance is the “secret sauce”, and this is underpinned by research findings, as Gemma Godfrey explains.

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