Chris Berg from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology discusses cryptoeconomics with show hosts Nako Mbelle and Faisal Khan.

Our guest today, Chris Berg, holds a PhD in economics from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, better know as RMIT University (Australia). His thesis was titled ‘Safety and Soundness: An Economic History of Prudential Bank Regulation in Australia, 1893-2008’, and offered the first comprehensive history of the politics and economics of prudential bank regulation in Australia.

Fair to say, my guest knows his financial regulations. Dr Berg is one of Australia’s most prominent voices for free markets and individual liberty, and a leading authority on over-regulation, economic freedom and civil liberties. Our talk with him for this episode will be around cryptoeconomics.

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Faisal Khan specialises in cross-border money transfer and payment systems as a payments consultant and evangelist for digital money. He is a regular contributor to the Around the Coin podcast.

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