Keri Gohman of Xero joins Tearsheet host Zack Miller to talk about small businesses, cloud technology and mobile payments.

Mobile payments are a solution without a problem; a way for banks and retailers to stay top of mind for customers as most of their attention and the way they manage their lives have shifted to their mobile devices.

Keri Gohman is president of Xero Americas, a cloud-based accounting platform outside the US. She and her team are tasked with expanding the platform’s footprint into the Americas. We spend some time talking about the financial web, a term she uses to describe the technology ecosystem forming around SMBs that includes interconnected banking, accounting and advice.

We haven’t covered this space a whole lot on the site or in the podcast, so Keri describes the competitive dynamics in her industry, trends, and where she sees the whole financial web evolving to in a matter of just a few years.

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Zack Miller

Zack Miller is founder of Tearsheet (formerly Tradestreaming), a vertical media company focused on the digital finance and fintech industries. Zack has worked with and consulted to many top venture-backed fintech companies, including Lending Club, Behalf, SigFig, OurCrowd and Seeking Alpha.

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