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Highlights from The Digital Banking Club debate on open banking

Will Beeson was part of a great panel discussion on the subject of open banking recently, and shares a highlight video created by The Digital Banking Club.

I had the pleasure of participating in a panel discussion on open banking in October 2017, at the Law Society in London, hosted by The Digital Banking Club. The key question was: “Open banking – is it really going to breathe new life into the banking model?”

They put together an excellent video recap, which I felt was worth sharing (above). I was joined on the panel by a stellar cast, including:

  • Anne Boden – CEO, Starling Bank
  • Douglas Blakey – editor, Retail Banker International; chair of The Digital Banking Club
  • Hilda Jenkins – digital experience and engagement director, Barclays
  • Pol Navarro – digital innovation and transformation director, TSB Bank
  • Simon Cadbury – director of strategy and innovation, Intelligent Environments
  • Roberto Ferrari – chief digital and innovation officer, Mediobanca.

You can also read my recent article, A primer on open banking.

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Will Beeson is head of operations & innovation at Civilised Bank. After working across banking, investments and financial services in the US and Europe, he settled in London. He specialises in banking and fintech, and advises a number of fintech accelerators and startups.

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