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Bringing Google-style thinking to core banking

Will Beeson chats to Paul Taylor, founder of Thought Machine, where the conversation covers core banking, speech synthesis technology and fintech.

Paul Taylor is founder and CEO of Thought Machine, a brand new banking platform combining a Google-like approach to software with bank-like requirements for functionality.

Prior to Thought Machine, Paul headed the text-to-speech group at Google. He joined Google in 2010 when it acquired his company, Phonetic Arts. Phonetic Arts developed speech synthesis technology and was based in Cambridge, England.

Paul has a PhD in Speech Technology Research from Edinburgh University, and started his career as an academic. Since then, he’s founded three companies and taught at Cambridge University, in addition to his work at Google. Paul has published over 80 papers on speech technology, including the now standard text book in the field.

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Will Beeson

Will Beeson is head of operations & innovation at Civilised Bank. After working across banking, investments and financial services in the US and Europe, he settled in London. He specialises in banking and fintech, and advises a number of fintech accelerators and startups.

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