This page is for those who want to find and use BankNXT logos and other useful brand assets.

BankNXT branding

This BankNXT branding page includes our logo as a black-on-white PNG graphic, and a white-on-black PNG graphic, landscape and square, ready for you to download to the size you want (maximum 1,920 pixels wide for landscape and 500 pixels for the square).
Please let us know if you have any problems with these logos and we will work together to ensure you get what you need.

This paragraph can be used to briefly describe BankNXT to your audience:

Established in 2012 and relaunched in 2015, BankNXT has developed a reputation for strong opinions, influential editorial and expert business insight in the world of financial technology and financial services. Its remit is to provide thought leadership to people working in or around fintech.

The site is updated regularly with expert insight from some of the world’s leading fintech influencers, and it logged more than 525,000 page views in its first year since relaunch. It also has strong social reach, with a 4,500+ subscriber list for its weekly newsletter, and active Twitter and Facebook feeds.

It broadcasts its own BankNXT Fintech Podcast, which is available on iTunes, Acast and SoundCloud, and was nominated in the Online Media Awards in 2016 in three categories.

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Download .eps here, or choose from the following …

BankNXT logo, white PNG on #26201D

BankNXT PNG logo on 26201D background.

 BankNXT logo, black on white PNG

BankNXT PNG logo on black background.

BankNXT logo, white on black PNG

BankNXT PNG logo on white background.

BankNXT square logo, white PNG on #26201D

BankNXT square PNG logo on 26201D background.

BankNXT square logo, black on white PNG

BankNXT square PNG logo on black background.

BankNXT square logo, white on black PNG

BankNXT square PNG logo on white background.