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Featured events

BankNXT is delighted to have partnered with a select group of organisers for a number of events in the busy financial technology calendar. Below, you can browse our featured events and click on any of them to find out more. Our media partners will also feature throughout our social channels, and are included in our weekly newsletters.

AI in Fintech 2018 @ Silicon Valley
May 17 – May 18 all-day
AI in Fintech 2018 @ Silicon Valley

The Artificial intelligence in Fintech Conference (AI in Fintech) will focus on such technologies of AI with respect to fintech, regtech, security, cyber fraud and many more aspects impacting the global financial market.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to eliminate human error in banking procedures, allowing banks to truly understand customer demands and make an effective cost setup. Fintech is being aimed at empowering smaller organisations and consumers, and AI is expected to make its benefits accessible to a wider audience.

It’s important to grow our businesses and deep dive into the pragmatism of the AI applications in fintech, regtech, security, and many more. Banks and fintech companies will work alongside regulators to make clearer regulations that remove grey areas and speed up adoption and innovation.

BankNXT is delighted to be a media partner of AI in Fintech 2018 in association with MarketsandMarkets. BankNXT readers can use this special discount code to save 20% on the registration fee: MM-BNXT.

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Money20/20 Europe 2018 @ Amsterdam RAI
Jun 4 – Jun 6 all-day

Europe’s largest fintech event comes to Amsterdam! An unmissable event for the smartest visionaries and innovators, Money20/20 is the destination where payments, fintech and financial services come together to connect and create the future of money.

In June 2018, Money20/20 lands in its new home – the Rai in Amsterdam – to once again focus the world’s eyes on Europe. Everyone is here, every time, coming together to explore unique regional insight and trailblazing enterprise, seizing the opportunity to meet the person or land the deal that will change the trajectory of their business.

BankNXT is delighted to be a media partner of Money20/20 Europe 2018 in association with Money20/20 and Ascential Events. BankNXT readers can use this special discount code to save money: 18BANX.

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