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BankNXT is proudly supported by the following BankNXT partners:


Backbase is a software company that creates products such as Backbase CXP and Backbase Engage, each designed to help financial institutions organize, create, and manage customer experiences across all channels, and on any device. Our mission is to help organizations transition smoothly into truly customer-centric businesses by adopting an outside-in approach, pleasing customers while delivering measurable business results. We believe that customer experience management is essential for gaining a competitive edge in the financial sector, helping organizations stand out from the crowd, while growing their business in the process.


Clear2Pay is a payments modernization company that actively supports many global financial institutions to meet their payments unification goals through its pure SOA Open Payment Framework (OPF). Over 1,200 staff in 22 offices enable customer-centric payments with technology that allows banks to acquire anything, process anyhow, clear anywhere and view anywhere. On the backbone of the OPF, we build solutions that turn banks into key custodians of all transactions of virtual (coupons, miles) and real (monetary) value across all channels for consumer and corporate clients alike. Clients include ING, Banco Santander, Crédit Agricole, The Federal Reserve, The People’s Bank of China, Bank of East Asia, Rabobank, Bank of New York Mellon, Royal Bank of Scotland and Commonwealth Bank. The company was awarded the XCelent Customer Base 2010 award for its undisputed largest payment hub customer base and ranks 76th in the Global FinTech100 list.

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